Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fabric, Stash and Designing

It's on its way! I just got an email from Silkweaver that my fabric had been shipped. I'm doing a sitting Snoopy dance!

Also, the next piece of Papillon's freebie came and I'm almost done with the third installment. I now have it wrapped on a shiny, new scroll frame that I bought at AC Moore on Tuesday. I went there for a random thing and got two 50% of coupons, one for Tuesday and one for today. I used the Tuesday one on a set of American Dream scroll frames that has two sizes of sidebars and about five of the holders. I have How Does My garden Grow on one and Heaven and Earth Designs Story Storykeeper on the other. I still love my Q-Snaps, but I like the fact that I've finally found a set of scroll frames I can use. It's a no-basting system that uses velcro. The hardest part is trying to make sure the velcro is put on the fabric straight. I really like it for the long projects I have.

The baby blanket is the most vital, and the thing I've been ignoring. I just grabbed a baby bib, which I'm going to quickly stitch with one of the animals to give my cousin for the shower, with the promise of the blanket to be delivered in time for the baby. Drama Pricess is almost finished, a bit of backstitch left. I bought the fabric to finish Starbucks for my co-worker. It's going to be done as a flat-fold, since the fabric won't go into the mug all the way and I need something to accomodate the fact that I cut most of the excess fabric off to put it in the mug.

Oh, I got my order from Heaven and Earth Designs about a week ago. It was James Christensen's College of Magical Thinking, Kissing Frogsby Lee Anne Seed, Story Storykeeper by Selina Fenech and they accidentally sent me Spirit Storykeep by Lee Anne Seed. Actually, they sent that instead of Story and when I wanted to return it, they told me to keep it. It's very nice, so I had no problem doing so. ;p I think Mom will get it someday, since it's purple.

I finally finished and delivered the Flag and Golden Eagle pattern I promised a co-worker for her husband. I used a non-copyrighted (as far as I could tell) rippling flag picture and the standing Golden Eagle from a design by Joanne Aston in Cross Stitch Gold, issue 46. Yes, I transcribed every stitch. Oy! It turned out so nicely, I think I might make it for my brother for Christmas. It will have to displace one of the projects I wanted to make for myself, but he shows a surprising appreciation for my stitching. He's worth it. Just don't tell him I said that. ;p

My co-worker is going to be using a 14 count pattern I made her. I'm altering it and making it 16 count since I really dislike 14 count. They're both 10 by 8 and I'll turn it into a small wall hanging for him, rather than frame it. The scuttlebutt is that he's going back to Iraq in September, and I want him to be able to take it wherever he goes there. His third tour. *sigh*

So, my project list is currently:
1. Baby Bib (travel project)
2. Baby Blanket
3. Papillon Creations
4. Drama Princess (travel project) - Although, I might just finish it off today and stick with just the bib for work and bus.
5. Mermaid
6. Chameleon

Future projects:
1. Who Are These Kids? (travel project) - It's in my purse now, but the bib is delaying it. I figured if I finished Drama Princess at work, i'd still have something to do on the bus home.
2. Golden Eagle (after Chameleon is finally finished)